domingo, 1 de febrero de 2015



Oh, Thailand. I only travelled in the South and went all the way up until Bangkok... so I can only talk about one part of the country. It is damn beautiful... crystal clear water... soft sandy beaches surrounded by huge rocks covered... I snorkelled and I saw beautiful fish... I swam and sunbathed. But why I couldn't fully enjoy Thailand? Just because of its shallow tourism. I don't want to sound grumpy or antisocial but I think there are different types of tourism. And the one based on just partying, getting wasted and littering everywhere is not the one we should do. And this is what I mostly found in the South of Thailand. I had come from Indonesia where I mostly hanged out with locals to mostly only hang out with foreigners. So I didn't feel like i was actually in Thailand. I could be anywhere in the world. Yes I found a really nice place called Tonsai Beach in Krabi where I met beautiful people and where I found a peaceful and sincere energy, but anyway... I wasn't in Thailand. And that is where I realized that travelling is getting to me. That I don't experience it as as holiday, as an escape from my routine where I will come back to. I travel because I want to live immerse in new cultures, I want to learn, I want to see different ways of living. I understood that "that kind of tourism" is not for me. That I should stick to my way in order to enjoy the countries I am visiting. If I come back to Thailand I will travel to the other half where (as I've been told) I will be able to enjoy the country as it is. Anyway, Thailand is a really popular destination and it is in the middle of the whole South East Asia so it is like a departure point.
On the other hand, in Bangkok, despite being a huge city (so big!!), I felt in Thailand. I loved its craziness and messiness and it is a city where I would come back.

Good things:

- I got to do fire poi and bought one!!!
- I went to a Muay Thai class (thai boxing)... it was incredible

Tonsai Beach, Krabi

Spinning some fire! ;)

Railay Beach, Krabi

Koh Tao Island

Night train to Bangkok! with beds!


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